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route Constuction

Roads-Investments-Maintenance work

Investment work carried out in 2019 by the community of municipalities of Pont de Salars on behalf of the municipality (budget of the community of municipalities for roads allocated to the municipality of Trémouilles: € 37,370.16:

Partial employment: all roads in the municipality

Works carried out by the municipality:

- Road maintenance, passage of a stone crusher on certain roads at a cost of 17,940 €

- Path pruning in Préviala and Fréjamayoux (chemin des brunes), maintenance on the path in Préviala and Fréjamayoux at a cost of € 4,679.08

- Road works in Saint Hilaire following the burying of the EDF and Telephone networks at a cost of € 4,083.69

- Road works on the municipal roads of Grand Mas, Frayssinous and Bannès at a cost of

€ 36,558.90

Or a total road works by the municipality of

€ 58,582.59 in investment and € 4,679.08 in operation

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Porche d'entrée


Communal housing

The rental amount of the 9 municipal apartments amounts to: € 35,845.32 in 2019

Festival hall and Quillodrome

There were 39 rentals in the village halls and Quillodrome in 2019

for a sum of € 5,465.25 including

€ 2,200 for the Quillodrome


Communal housing

Change of the exterior joinery of the apartments of the former presbytery of Trémouilles

Festival hall and Quillodrome

Repair of the floor of the Trémouilles village hall

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Repair of the roof and the photovoltaic installations of the quillodrome.

The Toulouse administrative court ruled in favor of the town / The companies were condemned for the damage suffered.

Outils de travail

2019-2020 achievements

* Installation of street signs and distribution of house numbers

sticker to put on letterboxes and enamel plaques to attach to walls

The purchase amounts to € 10,775.22, the street signs were installed by the municipal employee. a new order for door panels was made in 2020, because in use, we noticed that a few plates were missing to finalize the addressing correctly.

In addition to the purchase of the plates, it is necessary to add the fees of the Post office for the help with the denomination and the numbering of the accesses to the ways of the commune for an amount of

€ 4,414.20

The municipality will benefit from a grant of

€ 6,100 from the state as part of the DETR

(provision of equipment for rural areas)

The house numbers were distributed to the inhabitants of the town in letter boxes. The inhabitants of second homes are invited to come and collect their house numbers from the town hall, if they have not received a visit from elected officials.

* Insulation work on the ceilings of the canteen, the town hall meeting room, the hunting house and associations as well as the change of lighting.

Cost of the works 6 129.86 €   insulation and

€ 3,241.29 for change of lights

(Note that the change of lighting at the Maison de la Chasse and associations has been taken care of by ACCA Trémouilles.

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* Change of exterior joinery of Trémouilles schools for an amount

of € 18,864.

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* Landfill work for the EDF and TELECOM networks in Saint Hilaire for an amount of

€ 95,389.58.

Municipal contribution of € 26,771.13

knowing that the municipality has benefited from assistance from the SIEDA (intercommunal energy association of the department of Aveyron) of the order of 80% for the concealment and securing of the network, of the order of 50% for the concealment of BTS and France Telecom networks and around 30% on public lighting equipment

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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